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System administration

The VVS includes user authorizations management subsystem. This subsystem enables definition of user/user-group authorities for usage of applications, function groups and single functions in the VVS. The VVS system does not include a subsystem for audit account management. Common features of the audit account management are:
•    a user account or group is created, changed, or deleted
•    a user account is renamed, disabled, or enabled
•    a password is set or changed
These functions can be easily implemented by linking VVS "Journal" subsystem to user authorizations subsystem.

Based on the VVS “Notes” subsystem, it is possible to install workflow functions at the module level. This enables definition, tracking and analysis of working processes at the level of person, policy, claim etc. This subsystem provides automatic creation of notes linked to particular objects and time periods. The standard version of the VVS does not have a graphical workflow.

It is possible to link and integrate the VVS to another, more specialized, workflow management suite.

The VVS system does not support complex process measurement functions, which include application process, possible management and redesign of application processes depending on the process measurement results. The VVS system collects performance data from application components and writes them to the VVS log file. The system supports several levels of logging, controlled by the system parameter. Implementation of unsupported process measurement functions would require installation of a specialized application that measures performance of currently unmeasured objects and adds counters to track statistics for each object. Some of these functions can be implemented with standard operating system tools and database server tools.

This issue requires a more detailed request and expectations analysis, analysis of VVS existing functionalities and possibilities for installing extensions to the existing functions.