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Migration to VVS

Data migration from the existing non-VVS applications and systems is part of the implementation phase of VVS project. Decision as to how to transfer existing data into the new VVS system depends on the size and type of the customer's portfolio. Possible approaches are:

  • manual input
  • automatic data import into the VVS system
  • combination of manual input and automatic data import

INTES company supports the migration process:

by enabling use of  VVS data import applications;

by providing data import test input files;

by providing training customer's expert users for the tasks involving preparation of data import input files (explaining data structures, import processes and phases, conditions for import, validation rules applied when importing, log file descriptions, types and causes of import errors, import action order);

by analysing data import results and errors together with the customer and by instructing the customer as to how to avoid or minimize errors;

by performing technical verification of import results, formal validity and imported data consistency.

The VVS supports import of the following data:

  • person data
  • insurance contract/policy data
  • claim data
  • analytical accounting data (e.g. premium, commission, reinsurance)
  • financial accounting data

In general, all VVS import applications include consistency, formal and logical data validations.