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The person management module is the central module of the VVS system. Data on all legal and natural persons are placed in a central database, which is common for all types of insurance products (property, life, health, etc.).

The basic features of the module:
•    each person is entered in the database only once and placed in exactly one place – the central database;
•    handles multiple addresses (main address, contact address, office address, etc.);
•    built-in phonetic algorithm enables search person function to find entries based on phonetic similarity (e.g. Matic, Matič, Matić, Matich) (Note: can be switched on/off.);
•    rich set of contact data (various physical addresses, phone number, fax number, e-mail, etc.); provides definition of unlimited custom types of addresses and data;
•    built-in automatic control of multiple entries of persons, discovers and disables such entries;
•    retrieval and automatic control of address entries based on the Slovenian GURS system - geographical address system.  (Note: Can be switched on/off.);
•    VVS System can be used in an import mode, which provides import of person data from other systems; the process includes all validation rules applied in manual data entry;
•    each person can be assigned several roles in the system (client, agent, employee and similar);
•    all business events information related to a person can be directly retrieved from the system (CRM functions). VVS function “Role” provides easy access to all VVS objects and events that are related to a person e.g. policies, claims, all person accounts, bookkeeping data, bookkeeping documents, open items tracking system, reminders, etc.  Of course, functions can be restricted only to some system users or groups (user authorization module).
•    for each type of role, the module allows entry of user-defined properties according to specific needs of the customer; currently, it is possible to define up to 10 various additional properties for each role;
•    in addition to the persons who appear as subjects in insurance business processes, the module enables management of custom types of persons (e.g. suppliers, associates, etc.)
•    entry of arbitrary data, notes, comments, client financial reliability, etc.
•    automatic journal management - all actions involving a person are automatically logged into "Journal" subsystem, e.g. if the data on a person are changed, record is made of who introduced the change, when and what was changed;
•    the "Journal" subsystem can be used for user defined notes;
•    the “Notes” subsystem can be used for user defined notes and/or internal mail related to person
•    the "References" subsystem can be used if we want to link the person with an external documents (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, Pagis,..);
•    entry of new person triggers the creation of a client-account in the personal accounting subsystem;