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The VVS »Contract Management« module is one of the most important modules in the VVS system. This module implements business processes of insurance product selection, data entry, calculation, validation, policy issuing and contract management. The VVS enables the management of group and single contracts, regardless of the insurance product.

The VVS supports all kinds of insurance product groups. Product structure and insurance tariff rates are defined (arbitrarily, from the VVS viewpoint) through product definition subsystem. Also, for each individual product the system enables definition of arbitrary parameters that should exists on each contract. These additional variables can be defined on the level of a contract, object or insured risk.

All the products applied on the main VVS application server may, without any restriction whatsoever, be applied on mobile, offline systems used by field agents. This system is called AIS, that is, information system for field agents.

In addition to the data needed for contract registration and invoicing, the contract may also include various other data, such as data on vinculation (transferability or ownership), co-insurance, reinsurance, commission, previous insurance, etc.

The VVS »Contract Management« module has built-in standard logic and syntax valuation rules related not only to proposal/contract data, but also to subsequent entries in the analytical and financial accounting subsystems. This ensures data consistency and compatibility in terms of business logic and compliance with accounting standards and regulations.

The VVS system supports installation of the user-defined additional validation rules, designed for specific customer demands. These are, for example, all kinds of logic and syntax controls, depending on the insurance product, whether a contract relates to a legal or natural person, and similar.

Computing and booking of premiums, commissions, co-insurance and reinsurance data is done automatically. The “Contract Management” module includes all kinds of business reports, such as insurance policy, payment slip, insurance certificate, green card (mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance), as well as agent's commission.