The VVS IT solution application architecture has been specifically designed for insurance companies. The VVS system architecture consists of two parts, the first, which is based on insurance profession rules:

  • work process models
  • function models, grouped by modules
  • relational database model and the second, which represents technical implementation:
  • standardized program functions and modules
  • standardized interface systems
  • tools for customization and system administration
  • modules and functions!!! for the development of user applications

The VVS application infrastructure is based on a client/server architecture, mostly installed and used in a two-tier mode: fat clients and database server. The use of technologies such as MS Terminal Server, Citrix and similar allows the VVS application architecture to operate in a three-tier mode: thin clients, application and database server.

The VVS provides special offline system AIS for the purposes of field sales. The AIS includes all the functions for policy sale, claim notification and claim settlement.